We ‘think’. Then ‘ink’. And put it in a ‘pot’ to cook up communications.

Think Canvas


Press Ads, Hoardings, Booklets, Leaflets, Flyers, Cards, Posters, Banners, Mailers And More. Basically Everything on Print.


Commercials, Corporate AVs, WhatsApp Videos, Flash Videos, GIFs, Music Videos And More. Basically, everything on screen.


Radio Spots, Jingles, Audio Promotions, Corporate Songs, Narrations And More. Basically, everything in your ears.


Post Designs, Web Banner Designs, E-Mailers And More. Basically, everything on your device.


Social Media Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy And More. Basically, everything online.


Website Design, Website Developement, Website Content And More. Basically, everything www.

About Us

Think. Ink. Sync.

The Origin Story

The idea started way back in 1984. Way before the digital age had taken the advertising scene by storm. Back when computers were not as indispensable and grey cells and bare hands were still an advertising professional’s best friends.

The Philosophy

Over the years, we have realized that the secret to effective brand-building is a fine blend of sharp focus, clear communication and trust-building. We thrive on establishing long-term relations with our clients and media-houses and have become a part of their extended brand family.

The Journey

The journey of more than three decades has made us adapt to the changing scene today. Apart from conventional mainline advertising, we have also branched off and started our own digital advertising & marketing venture.

Think Tank


Graduate in psychology (Calcutta University) MBA (FMS, Delhi University) Began career with large media groups ABP / TT & The Reader’s Digest Over 27 years of hands-on experience with several major national & international brands


Graduate in visual arts (Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata) Headed creative departments in several multinationals & national agencies (Mileage Advertising / Percept d’mark / Grey worldwide & Mudra communications etc.) Over 25 years of hands-on experience


Graduate in economics (St. Xavier’s College) Post graduate in business management. Over 3 decades of experience in marketing communication Started career in MNCs and moved on to advertising agencies handling major multinational & national brands as well as top PSUs.


Over 26 years of hands-on experience with several major national & international brands. In 1989 after a stint in an engineering organization Kalyan joined his father the late Mr. A K Sarkar, a doyen of the advertising industry in Kolkata, to run Standard Publicity Private Limited.

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